Error Codes


ER 0  - NTC falure:
• When the LED display will show E0, means NTC (the temperature sensor) broken circuit or short circuit.


ER 1 flash every 4 seconds - low voltage:
• Try on different power source (vehicle or 240V AC power). If changing power source fixed issue, then possible issue with original power source.

• Ensure cabling between fridge and battery is at least 1.5 mm2, if the distance is more than 2 metres use at least 2.5 mm2 cable.


ER 2 flashes every 4 seconds - fan issue:
• Fan is drawing too many amps (over 0.6 amps), replace fan.


ER 3 flashes every 4 seconds - compressor start issue:
• Unplug cable and allow unit to rest for 10 minutes.
• Try on different power source (vehicle or 240 V AC power).
• Electronic box fault.
• Compressor fault.


ER 4 flashes every 4 seconds - low motor speed:
• Reduce products/items inside unit.
• Move so unit is in a lower ambient temperature, clean vents/ensure clear air flow over compressor.
• Fan fault.


ER 5 flashes every 4 seconds - over temperature:
• Ambient temperature too high.
• Clean vents/ensure clear air flow over compressor.
• Fan fault.


The unit is not turning on
• Check whether the unit has been turned on.
• Check the power supply (try a different power source/vehicle/socket).
• Check whether the plug and the socket have a good connection.
• Check whether the fuse has been burned out or blown.

Low refrigeration performance
• Too much product has been placed inside the unit.
• There is too much warm product inside the unit.
• The lid is unlatched or open.
• The lid seal is broken.
• Poor ventilation (allow 100 mm of space around all vents).
• The ambient temperature is too high.
• The temperature setting is too high.

Can hear the sound of liquid flowing or gurgling from inside the unit
• This is normal, due to the flow of refrigerant in the unit.

Unusual noise when refrigerator is working
• The refrigerator is not placed on a level surface. If none of the above solves your issue see page 3 or contact MyCOOLMAN




Fault Light


Green Light - Unit functioning normally:
• When the warning light is green your fridge is functioning normally and error-free.


Orange Light - Unit is in Error:
• When the warning light is orange your fridge is currently in error.





Mode Selection


Mode Selection - Overide:
• When the switch is in orderride mode the compressor will run 100% or the time and not shut down.
• When in override it will consume an excessive amount of battery life
• When in override the fridge disregards the temperature setting and will go down to its maximum cooling temperature (Possibly freezing).